May 14, 2012

Scriptlet: Find Default Route - Oct 20, 2014 EoIP VLAN routing issues between 2 sites : mikrotik The default gateway for the pcs is the main switch at their location. (eg. Location 1 – the default gateway for is / Location 2 the default gateway for the is and etc. for each vlan subnet. The domain/DNS/AD servers are at location 1. The link is up and works as expected for the Using PPTP VPN on the Mikrotik router | MiViLiSNet

[SOLVED] Unifi route VLAN traffic to alternate gateway

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Mikrotik default passwords

I need help with VPN NOT GIVING default gateway!! May 14, 2012 routing - How to setup route to gateway on different Default Gateway:; The default gateways of location A and B are connected via a VPN and ONLY route subnets 1 and 3. I cannot change the config of these gateways. What I need to achieve is, that traffic going to a public subnet, e.g. is routed through the default gateway of subnet 2. What I did so far: Setup OpenVPN manually on Mikrotik Router – SaferVPN May 27, 2020