Apr 29, 2020 · Many a times we come across people who have different accounts. We can easily use both the accounts simultaneously on a smartphone. But did you know you can do the same on a PC. Yes, there is a simple trick which enables you to use two different WhatsApp accounts in the same browser without any hassle.

How to use broadcast lists - With the broadcast list feature, you can send a message to several of your contacts at once. Broadcast lists are saved lists of message recipients that you can repeatedly send broadcast messages to without having to select them each time. Create a broadcast list Go to WhatsApp > More options > New broadcast. Search for or select the contacts you want to add. Tap Since December 2016, more than 1.5 million people have clicked and lost money. Another application called GB Whatsapp is considered malicious by cybersecurity firm Symantec because it usually performs some unauthorized operations on end-user devices. Bans China Jul 15, 2020 · There are now heaps of messaging services around, but WhatsApp has stacks of features and is extremely widely used - the Facebook-owned app says it has over two billion users worldwide, which is Apr 21, 2020 · To have more than four people in a call you have to make sure that everyone you invite is also using the new beta version of WhatsApp. The beta included a new UI that makes it easier to add extra Apr 23, 2020 · As per many technology news portals on the internet, WhatsApp has increased the number of participants in video calls from four to eight. This version will be initially launched for users who have beta versions of Android and IOS. Users need to download the beta version of WhatsApp too or else the video call feature will not be enabled.

Apr 30, 2020 · WHATSAPP has expanded the maximum number of people who can take part in a video call at the same time - doubling the previous limit of four simultaneous callers. Just as before, these video calls

Whatsapp conference call Thanks to the feature, you can talk to multiple friends or family at the same time. How many people can have a WhatsApp conference call? WhatsApp offers video chat for up to 8 people. Whatsapp audio conferencing contacts was limited to 4 in previous versions. With the latest update, WhatsApp users will now be able to

Sep 26, 2019 · Using WhatsApp For Business. WhatsApp has many useful messaging features for business. There are key differences to note, for what you can do with messages, broadcasts, automation and using WhatsApp as a CRM, depending on if you have a WhatsApp Business App or API account.

Apr 29, 2020 · WhatsApp Voice And Video Calls Can Now Have 8 Participants: Here is How to Use it. News18 » tech. 1-MIN READ.