Proxmox VE, clustering and DRBD shared storage with High

For details about DRBD with Proxmox VE, please follow the documentation from Linbit, the creators of DRBD and maintainers of the DRBD storage plugin. Clustering drbd | Proxmox Support Forum Jun 22, 2020 DRBD » LINBIT DRBD is a distributed replicated storage system for the Linux platform.It is implemented as a kernel driver, several userspace management applications, and some shell scripts. DRBD is traditionally used in high availability (HA) computer clusters, but beginning with DRBD version 9, it can also be used to create larger software defined storage pools with a focus on cloud integration. Proxmox VE, clustering and DRBD shared storage with High Feb 27, 2014

Configuring LINSTOR [DRBD9] storage plugin for Proxmox VE 5.x


Ovirt and proxmox are more like vmware. For managing sets of hypervisors. What are you trying to accomplish, we will be able to help you more if we know this. to use something like gluster or drbd with NFS and ext4 because the last virtual infrastructure I setup with lvm and drbd was a bitch to backup so I want to be able to move raw disk

Aug 09, 2014 debian - DRBD comes up after reboot with Connected This drbd resource normaly used as a block storage for lvm, which configured as an (shared lvm) storage to a proxmox ve 5.3-8 cluster. On top of drbd block device an lvm configured. As it recommended on drbd host lvm config the device (/dev/nvme0n1p1) below drbd … LVM DRBD在节点proxmox之间共享 Yo! 服务器 而一个不稳定的,/ proc / drbd返回: cs:Standalone or cs:WFConnection st:Secondary/Unknown. 而当我重新启动DRBD同步,我有一个错误UpToDate或 . ERROR: Module drbd is in use proxmox. 我尝试不同的testing,然后谷歌build议: root@proxmox001:~# vgscan Reading all physical volumes. This may take a … Introduction to Proxmox Ve | Linuxaria Proxmox VE uses a highly flexible storage model. Virtual machine images can be stored in local storage or shared storage such as SAN and NFS (for example using iSCSI or FC). It supports the use of DRBD for KVM VM. Storage technologies supported: Local Storage (required) FC; iSCSI; NFS